David Clark

David Clark, President and owner of Seacoast Helicopters, has been immersed in Aviation for more than 43 years. After an interesting and exciting career with Trans World Airlines(TWA), David became an entrepreneur, and launched an R-22 Service Center. He is an accomplished A&P mechanic, and is the holder of an IA as well since 1978. His expertise and experience as a top-notch helicopter and airplane mechanic have skyrocketed his business on to greater heights, and he now operates an Robinson Service Center in addition to being qualified to work on all makes and models, and is cultivating the newest, fastest-growing Robinson Helicopter Dealership on the East Coast. David's down-to-earth manner of doing business, along with his ethics and skills as a mechanic, have led to his popularity among many helicopter owners and operators, locally, and from afar. He currently services 10 to 14 helicopters to local operators, provides parts and supplies to local and International clients of all make and models of helicopters as well. He is also an Inspector for a FAR 145 Repair Station. 

Helicopters are not David's only area of expertise. He is an ATP rated airplane and helicopter pilot, certificated Flight Instructor including Instrument Instructor for Airplanes and Helicopters, a Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) member video and filming Pilot. His piloting achievements include, airline pilot, chartered flights, flight instruction, frost flying, boat races, photography, external loads and fire fighting/surpression, spanning over 21,000+ hours of incident, accident, and violation-free flight hours.

David's dedication to Seacoast Helicopters and his clients is the key to his growing success in the Aviation Industry. The hangar doors stay open until the work is done, the helicopters are flying, and the clients are satisfied.